Anthony Cox – Apprentice

Anthony is 17 and has a keen interest in the environment and wildlife. He is from Doncaster and has 9 GCSE’s in a whole range of subjects. Anthony spent 1 year at sixth form and has achieved an AS level in geology. He feels he is a very driven and determined person. Anthony enjoys learning new skills to help him in his work and home life.

He is a young leader in his local Cub group where he volunteers with young people in his spare time. Sailing is one of Anthony’s pastimes where he is qualified at a seamanship level, he also helps as an instructor on scout sailing days. He also owns his own sailing mirror dingy.

Anthony also enjoys going to Pegasus explorer scout unit where he likes to spend time with his friends. He also partakes in a yearly visit to the world scout centre in Kandersteg Switzerland where he enjoys to go snowboarding.

In the local brass band he plays the bass drum on parades, and also assists the band with collecting money at Christmas and moving instruments and other equipment. Anthony also likes indie and rock music, and has a selection of vinyls.

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