Natural Heritage Bat Walk, Millhouses Park, Sheffield – FULLY BOOKED

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07-09-17 20:00 - 22:00
28 Abbeydale Rd S, Sheffield S7 2QN, UK
Address: 28 Abbeydale Rd S, Sheffield S7 2QN, UK


Join us for a night-time nature-walk along the River Sheaf in Millhouses Park, Sheffield. The walk will involve detecting and identifying bat species with specialist equipment and watching the bats behaviour as they fly and forage above the river.

The walk will be led by bat expert Faye Durkin and other members of South Yorkshire Bat group who will be introducing you to the incredible behaviour of some of the UK’s bat species.

The walk is suitable for beginners and wildlife enthusiasts. Remember to bring a torch/head torch and wear appropriate clothing/shoes for an evening walk. The path is paved, flat and is partly accessible.

Bats only come out in good weather so this event may be called off if it rains! We’ll get in touch if we need to reschedule.


There are limited spaces on this walk – to book and for more details please email info@dcrt.org.uk

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