Online Talk/Q&A: Cleaning up litter in Chesterfield’s waterways

19-08-20 19:00 - 20:00

Plastic pollution is an issue that affects all of us. Even in Chesterfield, many miles from the sea.

The River Rother was once one of Europe’s most polluted rivers. Now local charity, Don Catchment Rivers Trust are working with the Chesterfield community to eradicate damaging invasive species and remove decades of industrial and plastic waste from the river.
Once plastics get into Chesterfield’s waterways, they start to break down into tiny plastic particles, which if wildlife, fish ingest, can cause them to die. And if that doesn’t happen in our rivers and streams, plastic waste will make it’s way to oceans, causing a dangerous threat to the species that reside there.
Plastic Free Chesterfield presents Catchment Officer, Matt Duffy, for a free online talk about the Hidden Heritage Secret Streams project, some of their most interesting and unusual finds from the river & stream clean ups, and how you can get involved in future clean ups.
Matt’s talk will be followed by Q&A.
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