Thank you to all that entered our art competition. The winners have been chosen by local-Sprotborough artist Sheila Bury, here’s some thoughts from her about nature and art –

“There are many ways that people become aware of nature, and many artists use nature for their inspiration. Personally, I love the way weather, seasons, light and shade, can completely change our view of a landscape, fields and woodlands. Think of the wildlife, and the colours in a wildflower meadow in Spring, completely changed a few months later.”
Sheila has a blog where she puts a lot of her work up on  http://sprotbropainter.blogspot.com 
Here’s the winners…
Category – River Rembrant (ages 17 and above)
1st prize (£50 vouchers) – ‘Field Mouse’ by Janice Drakeford
2nd prize (£25 vouchers) – ‘We’re Going on a Fig Hunt’ by Christine Welburn
I’ve drawn and painted a fig leaf in honour of the fig forest on the Don. I’ve written about this around the edge of the leaf – to encourage people to walk along the river to look for such a leaf.
What an amazing story the fig forest has!
3rd prize (£10 vouchers) – ‘Sunday Afternoon on the River Dearn’ by Helen Smyly
Watercolour based on my own photo 
Category – River Guardians (ages 16 and below)
1st prize  (£50 vouchers) – ‘Nosy Newt’ by Olive Preist
I wanted to draw a Great Crested newt because I like watching them in my aunts pond.    
 2nd prize (£25 vouchers) – ‘River Scene’ by Rowan Critchlow
3rd prize (£10 vouchers) – ‘King of the River’ by Alice Priest
I cut up magazines. I used a tiny bit of a picture of a Kingfisher for its head and eye. I want to see a Kingfisher but I never have

River Rembtant catagory (17 and above) – full gallery

River Guardian catagory (16 and below) – full gallery


Have you been inspired by Grayson Perry’s Art Club? Or maybe you’ve become an art teacher for your children at home?

After the success of our photo competition (see here) we thought we would run another creative competition. This time we want to see your ART! The theme for this competition is ‘wildlife within the Don Catchment’ and it can be in any medium. This could be a painting of a reed bed, drawing of an alder tree or collage of a fox taking a drink from the river. It could even be of something you’d like to see in the Don Catchment such as a beaver – get creative!

There’ll be two categories – ‘River Guardians’ (aged 16 and below) and ‘River Rembrandt’ (aged 17 and above). Please note we won’t be able to receive your entry in the post, instead to enter we would like pictures of your art sent in to us at info@dcrt.org.uk and remember to include your name, which category you’re entering, give your art a title and – if you would like to – include a description. Entries must be submitted by noon on Friday 12th June.

First, second and third tier winners for each category will win £50, £25 and £10 gift vouchers from www.jacksonsart.com for art supplies and we will display all entries in a virtual art gallery on our website.

Here’s a drawing of a water shrew by Sally our Community Engagement Officer at the trust for inspiration.

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