Dearne Connectivity

In an effort to improve the Don Catchment and meet Water Framework Directive objectives, DCRT has received funding from Dearne Valley Landscape Partnership, Barnsley Council and the Environment Agency to address some issues on the Dearne.

A series of Low Cost Baffles (LCB) have been installed at Bolton weir (pictured above) These are a low cost solution to providing fish passage solutions on weirs where it is too difficult to use technical fish pass solutions or the cost is prohibitive. We are also installing the LCBs at Old Moor weir.

Due to past land drainage and flood defence works, the River Dearne is canalised and relatively featureless for approx 600mtrs below two weirs. This section of river is a Heavily Modified Water Body (HMWB) with the lower weir being a ‘significant’ barrier to fish. A series of baffles or groynes is planned below the weir at Old Moor. These would increase flow variability and a diversity of habitat on the canalised stretch, increasing in-channel morphological diversity.

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