‘900 years of the Don fishery: Domesday to the dawn of the new millenium‘ by Chris Firth MBE

Rivers of Life: self guided trail
A self-guided riverside tour exploring the hidden natural and industrial
heritage of Chesterfield. Follow the trail along the river to Spital Cemetery where you can find and uncover the secrets of this special place. Funded by the Heritage Lottery as part of the Hidden Heritage Secret Streams project. Created in collaboration with the Friends of Spital Cemetery.

‘Voices of the Don’ a collection of poems, photos, stories and memories of the river Don. If you would like to receive a limited edition copy of the book please enquire with the office. Funded by the Heritage Lottery as part of the Living Heritage of the River Don project.

The Don Network Plan (2012)

In March 2011, the Environment Minister and DEFRA commissioned a range of 25 “Catchment Pilots” across the country to investigate and report on ways to co-ordinate catchment planning to help achieve the Water Framework Directive (WFD). The Don Network was the pilot set up for our catchment, with which DCRT was one of the stakeholders consulted.

Download the report ‘Our plan for the River Don‘ or its executive summary.

The River Loxley: Fish Passage Scoping Study is available here.

As part of the feasibility study into fish passage on the River Loxley we commisioned an archaeological consultant to produce The Report The Heritage Statement of the Weirs on the River Loxley by The Brigantia Archaeological Service.

Loxley Consultation

As part of our Loxley feasibility study we organised a consultation meeting with owners, interested parties and local residents. We sent out over 150 letters to the people in the local community as well as inviting community groups, local & parish councils.

We had a good attendance at the Consultation Meeting held on 15th January with lots of positive responses from interested parties. We have responses to the questions asked on the night which can be found here.

Loxley Reports

As a result of our investigations in to fish passage on the Loxley we commissioned an archaeological report (Heritage Statement) which is available here.

We also commissioned a Feasibility Study which will be available upon completion.

‘The distribution of the American signal crayfish (Pacifasticus leniusculus) in the Don River Catchment, South Yorkshire, UK’ – Lancaster University masters project by Chris Arthur.

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