Educational Activities

If the future management of rivers is to be both sustainable and effective in providing benefits to local communities then it is dependent on catchment residents understanding of the consequences of their actions for the river ecosystem, and an awareness and appreciation of the natural history of the river. To that end the Trust is happy to run or participate in events that promote and exchange knowledge about our rivers with those living in the Don Catchment. DCRT ran a couple of stands at the Wildlife of our Waterways event in Sheffield, which were very popular with what we hope will be the next generation of naturalists, environmental managers, and benefactors of rivers in the Don Catchment.

As well as running our own activities and working in partnership with organisations like the Severn & Wye Smokery Eels in Classrooms programme , the trust is keen to promote the excellent educational programmes run by other organisations. Below we detail a few of the schemes available in the Don Catchment.

River Guardians School Sessions
By using the example of Salmon, our ‘River Guardians’ programme is a great opportunity for pupils to learn about living things and their habitats in a real world setting. We will investigate what animals can be found in and around the river, teach pupils that negative impacts can be reversed, and that we all have a part to play in looking after our natural environment.

This website contains all the necessary information required for you to run your own Mayfly In the Classroom project and was set up on behalf of the Wild Trout Trust.

The Salmon & Trout Association runs some events to educate children about river ecology.

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