Soak Up Nature: Buzzing Riversides

This is an online event, Register via zoom here

Date: Friday 17th July
Time: 10.30am -12.30pm with a tea-break

Join Fiona Tomlin and Rhodri Green from Bumblebee Conservation Trust for an introduction to the wonderful world of bumblebees.

By the end of the session we are confident that you will be able to identify most, if not all of the eight common bumblebees you’re most likely to see around Chesterfield’s waterways – as well as our local treasure, the Bilberry bumblebee. We’ll also share some fun facts and interesting ideas that you can share with your family and friends…

If you have any photos or videos of bumblebees you’ve seen over the past few weeks, please feel free to email them to us in advance (email below) and we’ll include them as part of the session. Also, if you have any bumblebee-related questions you’d like answering, again let us know in advance or on the day and we’ll do our best to cover them on the day.

If you’d like to come along, we’d love to see you – book online here and we’ll send you the secret key that’ll let you into our bumblebee garden… I’m afraid we haven’t worked out how to get tea and biscuits online yet, so for now you’ll have to provide your own refreshments!





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