Masbrough Weir

In 2018, despite numerous fish passes having been built along the River Don, there was still a major obstacle to overcome at Masborough Weir which would become the “gateway” for migratory fish.

Masbrough Weir before fish pass construction

Located in central Rotherham, Masborough Weir is a focal point for visitors using Forge Island and is necessary for supplying water to the Sheffield and South Yorkshire Canal. This fish pass project could not have been achieved without a number of partners working together. The weir is owned by the Canal and River Trust and we also worked with Yorkshire Water, Environment Agency, Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council to bring in funds, skills and expertise. This allowed the project to be delivered on-time and within budget, whilst facing the tightening covid-19 restrictions, high waters and the floods of 2020.

To celebrate this achievement, DCRT worked with local creative writing charity Grimm & Co to engage local children in story telling workshops. The Salmon Project ran over the winter of 2020 and despite lockdown restrictions allowed young children to tell the story of the salmon’s return to the River Don.

Take a look at pictures from the construction of the fish pass.

Click the button below to learn about The Salmon Project made in partnership with Grimm and Co!

The Salmon Project

Watch the below video to learn about how salmon are returning to our rivers and why they left in the first place!

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