Don Catchment Rivers Trust has secured funding through The Big Lottery Fund to fund a project worth £10,000.  This project will enable important work to be carried out in the rivers and streams in the lower Don catchment in line with their membership of a new partnership initiative in this area called Revival.  The money will allow the purchase of electrofishing equipment and the training of twelve people to be able to use the equipment.

The electrofishing kit is important as it allows the partnership, consisting of 18 organisations including statutory bodies, large and small charities and community organisations to carry out surveys on waterbodies. Working in and around the freshwater environment, this usually means monitoring by fish sampling as these methods provide significant information about fish abundance, density, and species composition.  Fish, in particular, are at the top of the aquatic food chain and quickly reflect changes to water and habitat quality; a healthy population of fish indicates a healthy river.

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