Floating Pennywort Control

We are involved in some work to try and eradicate Floating Pennywort from the Don Catchment. Through the Floating Pennywort Forum we are working alongside Calder and Colne Rivers Trust, the Environment Agency and Canal & Rivers Trust in the hope that by working in partnership we can eradicate FP in Yorkshire.

Floating Pennywort was imported in to the UK in the 1980s as an ornamental pond plant and can grow at a rate of up to 20cm per day. The densely matted ‘stands’ can inhibit navigation by boat, disrupt angling activity, de-oxygenate the water and block light, killing everything below the water surface including other plants, fish and invertebrate species.

If you know of any areas of the catchment that have FP please let us know as soon as you can, the sooner we treat the FP the better chance we have of eradicating it from our rivers.

To see more information on floating pennywort and how to identify it see the links below:

This picture taken in the Colne and Calder catchment – this is just one seasons growth.

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