Freshwater Invertebrates
in the river Rother

Our Citizen Science team are investigating Chesterfield’s rivers to find out whether river restoration is really working.

Weirs block the river channel, creating unnatural pond-like and low energy rivers. The Hidden Heritage Secret Streams project will remove a weir and re-naturalise the river Rother, improving conditions for the fishery in this section.

Our Citizen science team are investigating how the weir removal will affect the bottom of the food chain. By studying the communities of freshwater invertebrates in the river Rother, before and after the weir is removed, they can observe how river restoration will change the diversity and assemblage of the freshwater invertebrate community.

Training Downloads
Thank you to our expert volunteer Paul Hancock for these resources

Wildlife Cameras

Once considered the most polluted river in Europe, life is returning to the river Rother. Our volunteers are capturing photos and footage of the fascinating wildlife along the river corridor.

Join the team to check the cameras, or help from afar by helping to identify what we’ve caught on camera, hosted by Mammal Web.

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