The Salmon’s Return

Since the first fish pass was put on the River Don at Crimpsall Sluice back in 2000, DCRT has hoped for the return of the Atlantic Salmon. Over the years, we have constructed six fish passes on weirs along the River Don, helping to create a salmon superhighway for migrating fish. In early 2019 a Salmon was found on the Don at the spawning grounds in Sheffield, the first spotted there since the species disappeared, well over 150 years ago. This was a huge step forward and since then there have been many more sightings by anglers and member of the public.

Where might I see a Salmon?

Salmon might be spotted swimming in the water, attempting to jump weirs or creating spawning habitats, known as redds. As many salmon die after the long journey from sea to Sheffield, you may spot a dead salmon on the riverbank. Anglers may also catch salmon when fishing along the Don.

We understand that fish can be caught by accident during the closed season so if you do catch a Salmon out of season, please let us know as it can still help us monitor the Salmon population. However, we do not encourage people to go out and purposely fish for salmon during the closed Season (please see you local fishing byelaws for more information)

Click the button below to record your Salmon sighting

To help record the return of Salmon, we have set up the Salmon Recorder online form. When reporting a sighting you will need to include your name, contact information, a photograph of the Salmon, the date of the sighting and an 8-figure grid reference. However, we hope to gather as much information as possible so please tell us any additional information you can provide.

How to Identify an Atlantic Salmon

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