Invitation to Loxley Weirs Consultation

Venue:  St Polycarp’s Church, Wisewood Lane, Sheffield S6 4WA

Date & Time:  Tuesday 15th January at 7:30pm

Most of the weirs in the Don Catchment are part of the legacy of industrial activity in the region. While they can provide aesthetic and cultural interest, unfortunately they can also pose an impassable barrier to fish migrating upstream.

Don Catchment Rivers Trust has been given funding by the Environment Agency to engage consultants to carry out a feasibility study into improving fish passage facilities on the following weirs on the Loxley:

Hillsborough Weir
Limbrick Weir
Wisewood Weir
Green Wheel Weir
Low Matlock Weir
Olive Wheel Weir
Loxley Old Wheel


You are welcome to attend this meeting where we will discuss this project with interested parties and local residents

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