DCRT released 50,000 elvers into RSPB Old Moor in 2010 in an effort to bolster the eel population within the Dearne Valley.  It’s no surprise that the year after the release there were booming Bittern successfully breeding at Old Moor for the first time in living memory.

Pete Wall from Dearne Valley Green Heart and RSPB contacted us to let us know that last week there was some routine electrofishing at Old Moor to remove large carp from the wetlands and also a ‘health catch’ to see what else was in there.  As well as small tench, common carp, crucian carp and perch there were also large numbers of eels caught. Electrofishing pre 2010 showed that there were no eels caught and it would seem that these eels, which Pete estimated at around 30-50cm in length, are the 2010 release.

It’s great to know that the eels are obviously thriving in what is a rich habitat at Old Moor.

Photo Credit: Matthew Capper

Photo credit: Matthew Capper

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