Overview – River Don’s Fishery

Funded through Yorkshire Water’s Catchment Resilience fund, Matt Duffy – Fishery Habitat Officer – has been recruited to deliver projects which improve the status of fish populations within the Don Catchment. This has allowed DCRT to expand its capacity to improve fish populations by delivering fish passage projects over man-made barriers to movement and improve in-channel and riparian habitats to help fish populations thrive.

Gathering fish population data via monitoring is highly important if we are to understand what strategies are needed and will have the greatest impact. This may come in the form of installing fish counters at a fish pass which indicate which and how many migratory fish are going to use the interventions.

While we have a fairly good idea of what interventions benefit fish populations, better knowledge of the status of the fish populations and the pressures impacting on them would be invaluable in developing effective strategies and determining how our finite resources can be used to have the greatest positive impact.

We have a strong belief in community engagement at the trust and will be hosting various volunteer days, events and guided walks for the public to get involved with.

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