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Learn about wonderful rivers with our activity sheets, games and videos.

Activity Sheets

Download or print them separately or print them all to make an amazing activity book.

Bird spotter

board game

finger puppet

Dot to Dot

Don Catchment history

Butterfly spotter


My river project

Origami flexer

Raindrop maze

Making Animals

Word scramble

Wiggly Rivers of the don

Boats on the river

Spot the difference

Underwater danger

Garden School videos

Click to view Garden School wriggly worms video

Click to view Garden School Minibeast Safari video

Garden School ‘The Tallest Tree’

Garden School ‘Seed Stories’

Wear your badge with pride!

Colour me in, cut me out and attach a safety pin to the back of this badge using sticky tape (you may need a parents help for this bit!)

Over the coming weeks we’ll be creating 4 Garden School video tasks with a badge for you to print and colour … can you collect all 4?


You’ve completed Wiggly Worms
and been awarded the Frog Badge


You’ve completed Minibeasts
and been awarded the Kingfisher Badge


You’ve completed the Tallest Tree
and been awarded the Heron Badge


You’ve completed Seed Stories
and been awarded the Water Vole Badge

Completed all 4 Garden School challenges?
You’ve been awarded a DCRT pin badge!

Just email [email protected] with your name, address and a snap of you completing your favourite challenge! We’ll then post one out to you.

For more videos of fun things to do then please visit our youtube page and don’t forget to give us a thumbs up and follow if you like what you see.

Become a River Guardian

What is a River Guardian?

River Guardians help to protect the rivers and all the creatures that live there.

Are you ready to take the pledge?

Click the image below to downlad the River Guardian Pledge!

Send in a photo of your completed pledge and we will display it in our online gallery!

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