Erika Phoenix – Catchment Partnership Officer

Erika joined Don Catchment Rivers Trust as a Catchment Partnership Officer in November 2021. She has always been passionate about the environment, and following college, she completed a BSc (Hons) in Environmental Management at Sheffield Hallam University.

After leaving university Erika began a career in the private sector, working with landowners and regulatory bodies on largescale developments and land restoration projects. This included working on a project to deliver habitat improvements through a programme of works such as vegetation management and the re-wetting of drained blanket bog. During this period Erika also completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Rural Surveying.

Following this, Erika has worked in a variety of roles in the charity and public sector, including working in environmental management and protection, and helping businesses to improve their environmental performance. More recently Erika has worked in the flood risk management sector engaging with a range of stakeholders in relation to flood risk maintenance activities, and communicating the work being undertaken to help reduce flood risk.

Erika loves everything to do with the natural environment and being outdoors, and she likes to inspire people about the environment at a local level. In her spare time Erika can be found walking on the beautiful Humberhead Peatlands, and she enjoys running and cycling to help her keep fit. She is also a keen photographer, and loves to explore the countryside and capture landscapes.

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