Riverfly Training – Chesterfield

02-11-22 All day
St Thomas Centre & Coffee Bar
Phone:01246 279916
Address: Cannot determine address at this location.

An exciting training opportunity for our chesterfield volunteers to monitor pollution at local river sites. On this training day volunteers will learn to become riverfly surveyors, sampling the riverbed for 8 types of different river invertebrates. Riverflies are considered “the canary in the coalmine” for our rivers. When riverflies suddenly disappear it can indicate that there has been a problem, such as a pollution incident. The data riverfly volunteers record is sent to the Environment Agency, who can use it to investigate potential pollution breaches.

This training is for volunteers who can commit at least 6 months of independent surveying (once a month)

Contact [email protected] if you are interested in taking part. Current and regular volunteers have priority.


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