Corporate Enrichment Days:

Volunteering for businesses and organisations.

Are you a business or other organisation that wants to get out and volunteer? Maybe you want to provide a team day, or just want to make a different to a green-blue space near you. Whatever your motivation, read the information below and get in touch!

Join DCRT on a Corporate Enrichment Day to help deliver meaningful change for the rivers and streams in the Don Catchment. Your team could work towards achieving your business’s Corporate Social Responsibility targets while working in beautiful natural environments. We work to protect and restore your rivers and your help is invaluable in achieving our vision! 

Our Corporate Brochure

Download our Corporate Enrichment Day brochure to find out more details about how you can support us, what we can offer and an indicative cost for half a days activities.

Corporate Enrichment Day brochure

About DCRT

Don Catchment Rivers Trust is an environmental charity and part of the Rivers Trust Movement, a nationwide group of charities that campaign for the conservation and protection of rivers. Our mission is to ensure the river Don and its heritage will be better protected for the future. We achieve our work through donations and funding, and are supported by trustees and volunteers. Our catchment area is determined by the rivers and streams that flow into the Don. Most rivers start up in the hills of the Peak District, flowing downhill to merge with the River Don. The Don eventually joins the River Ouse at Goole before meeting the sea at the Humber estuary. All the rivers in the Don Catchment are connected to each other – our Rivers Trust works to protect all of them.

What to expect

We can run half (3 hour) or full (6 hour) days for the Corporate Enrichment Days.

  1. Risk Assessment and Sign-in
    We start volunteer days and we talk through our risk assessment for the site and ask all volunteers to sign in. For corporate volunteers who aren’t on our database we ask that you provide an emergency contact phone number in case of an emergency.
  2. Tool Talk
    We conduct an informal tool and equipment talk – if you’re unsure about how to use the hand tools please ask our team.
  3. Safety equipment and PPE provided
    We request that volunteers wear a hi-vis jacket and gardening gloves, which we provide. Life jackets and steel-toed waders (shoe sizes adult 4-12 available) are provided for any work in the river channel. Our staff are trained in Outdoor First Aid and Open Water Safety.
  4. Get stuck in!
    Sessions run with a break where we provide hot drinks and biscuits. For whole day sessions, please bring your own lunch. Please let us know of any intolerances or allergies prior to the day.
  5. After the event
    Share your photos on social media and shout about your good work! We will also encourage you to carry out a mini audit in your workplace to see how you are using/conserving your water (more details available in the brochure linked above).


Himalayan Balsam Removal

Help us remove invasive species that have escaped into the wild. The plant Himalayan Balsam erodes riverbanks and dominates riversides, out-competing other plants and wildflowers. It can be pulled up, crushed and removed during the months of May-July before it flowers and spreads further.

River Clean-up

Help to remove large items that have been lost or disposed of in the river. We work together to pull out trollies, tyres, traffic cones and bikes that make their way into the waterways. We also remove litter that has made its way downstream.

Natural Flood Management

Help us ‘slow the flow’ of water into rivers during high rainfall. We work with natural processes to store excess rainwater, for example we create new wetland areas that soak up rain and build ‘leaky-dams’ in streams which hold back high water. Although small in scale, many of these simple measures work together to make a big difference.


Help make riversides clean and safe for people and wildlife by litter-picking footpaths and public green spaces. We can remove up to 30-50 bags of rubbish per litter-pick which is disposed of or sent for recycling.

Get in touch

Please fill out the request form below to let us know details about your organisation. Feel free to email [email protected] for further queries on setting up a Corporate Enrichment Day with DCRT. We will aim to respond within a week. Please contact us at least 4 weeks before your preferred date for the volunteer day.

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