Soak Up Nature: Beetles of the Riverbank

This is an online event, Register via zoom  here

Date: Friday 11th December
Time: 11am-12pm


Diving beetles are the scuba-divers of the animal world, trapping bubbles of air under their wings which they carry with them underwater to breathe.
With two pairs of eyes, the surface-dwelling whirligig beetle can see both above and below the water’s surface at the same time…

Join Katy Potts, Biodiversity Officer at the Natural History Museum, for an introductory online training course on ‘Beetles of the Riverbank’ and find out how beetles are adapted to life on the water’s edge.


In this short online training session, you’ll learn what a beetle is and the identifying features of some of the main groups (called families) of beetles. You’ll learn which beetles you’re likely to spot on the riverside and the adaptations that make life in and around water possible.

We’ll finish the session with a short Q&A.







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