The Don Catchment Rivers Trust has been awarded funding from the National Lottery Heritage Fund to develop the All Hands on the Don project, which is based around the natural, historic and cultural heritage of the Lower River Don between Mexborough on the upstream end and Thorne on the downstream end. The river, which has been radically transformed and engineered over the course of centuries, is central to the long and complex history of the area, being the main reason why Doncaster and a string of settlements that line its banks exist.

Our project has the following aims:
• To help realise the enormous potential of the River Don Corridor as green-blue infrastructure and as a source of health and wellbeing by making connections between the river, its historic and natural heritage, and people.
• To tell the story of the transformation of the lower River Don and the wider landscape and to raise awareness of just how profound this has been.
• To drive forward biodiversity gain in the river corridor.
• To celebrate and promote the natural and historic heritage in the river corridor.

An imaginative programme of volunteering, community engagement and work experience, apprenticeships, and training opportunities will seek to increase health and wellbeing, foster community action, inclusion and community cohesion, increase skills and employability, improve access to the river, celebrate river heritage and foster understanding of the river and river issues

Project development
The project development started spring 2022 and will be concluded when the Trust is able to submit a full application to the National Lottery Heritage Fund for funding to deliver the project. During the development phase the Trust will consult local communities and organisations to gain a more complete understanding of existing plans and aspirations and get feedback to inform our own project.

Get in touch
If you would like to find out more or share information that will help the project then please contact Ed Shaw at ed.shaw@dcrt.org.uk

The project development work is being funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund with match funding being provided by Yorkshire Water and the Environment Agency.

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